Best Lil Baby Songs: 25 Songs That Dried Blood (2023)

Given her innate charisma and natural talent for rapping, it's hard to believe Lil Baby was such a low-key hip-hop star. As the latest big hit from the Quality Control hip-hop team, his meteoric rise to fame seemed easy, but it was precisely planned. After first breaking onto the Atlanta rap scene in 2017, he dropped four projects in the span of 11 months. Since then he has hardly slowed down.

Lil Baby has lived many lives, and while life on the road has been difficult for him, he's applied that same zeal to his music career. He never had ambitions to be a rapper, but after watching his childhood friend Young Thug become one of the biggest names in the trap music scene and with the encouragement of Quality Control co-founder Pierre "P" Thomas, he decided to use his talents.

After a string of successful mixtapes and albums with Quality Control, Lil Baby honed his skills and went from strength to strength with songs that exude charisma and raw talent. Here we take a look at the best Lil Baby songs that have shaped the rapper's career so far.

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Listen to the best songs from Lil Babyapple musicjSpotify.

25: Live Out of My Closet (feat. Futuro)

Sure, Lil Baby is known for being one of the most introspective rappers out there, but on "Live Off My Closet" he joins another ATL legend on "Future" to reflect on how far he's come and how much he spends now.

Added Lil Baby - Live Off My Closet. Futuro (official audio)

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24: Lil Baby and Lil Durk - Still Runnin (by Meek Mill)

Although Lil Baby is more of a radio artist than one who relies on viral moments, "Still Runnin'" became a hitthe voice of the heroesthanks to its popularity on TikTok. The title was trending on the video sharing app and by the end of 2021 there were over 56,000 videos using the audio.

23: about me

Lil Baby's "On Me" was released on December 4, 2020, the day after MC's 26th birthday. Featuring the B-side of "Erybody" and the official remix of "On Me" featuring Megan Thee Stallion, the track sees Baby in a celebratory mood, basking in the glow after hitting rap's highest heights.

22: Lil Baby and Lil Durk - Rich Off Pain (con Rod Wave)

In Rich Off Pain, Baby and Durk recruit Rod Wave for the aptly titled track, where each MC dives into their stories. Baby demonstrates why he's so close by rapping, "I take everything I've been through and put it into these songs. I will never act against you. Correct me if I'm wrong.”

21: Russian Roulette

End of Lil BabyThat's almost mewith a triumphantly thought out "Russian Roulette" where the MC goes from triumphant to fierce as he explores the ups and downs of his career and wonders where he might go next. To a somber tune and hi-hat triplets, Baby raps, "I know my grandma's happy, I finally got my shit together / I told my brother we'll take our time and stay together / Every time brother." gets an offer let's do this shit together / I know he has two phones but I sent him a letter anyway / Because I know how it feels.

20: Life Goes On (with Gunna and Lil Uzi Vert)

Produced by Quay Global, this song is a brilliant choice from Lil Baby's 2018 debut albumharder than ever. After making his name in the mixtape space, Lil Baby has proven he can smash a major studio release. On "Life Goes On," the MC trio's verses flow seamlessly together as they rap about women, money and wealth. The song serves as a prominent anthemharder than everand showcases Lil Baby's ability to bring a unique melody to his tracks. -Alyson Lewis

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19: Aufwärmen (feat. Gunna)

In the "warm up"I spinLil Baby's second track enlists his regular collaborator, Gunna, to help complete an epic trap. Instantly displaying their undeniable chemistry, the duo switch beats and mimic each other's flows, proving to be one of the most versatile MCs in the game.

18: Lil Baby and Lil Durk - Voice of the Heroes

"Voice of the Heroes," the theme song from Lil Baby and Lil Durk's collaborative project, presents themes and styles that combine an Atlanta trap and a Chicago drill. The title is derived from Durk's childhood nickname "The Voice" and Baba's nickname "Hero" which Lil Durk gave him. The music video was released the same day the song was released and is set during a massive Black Lives Matter protest that Baby was attending in Atlanta.

17: Above

"To The Top" is a slower, more sentimental track among Lil Baby's best songs. The rapper talks about adapting to stardom by staying motivated, and vacillates between acknowledging his accomplishments and realizing that he still has more work to do. Lil Baby expresses the isolation of fame but knows he's not only rapping for his future, but for those who depend on him. Highlights from his 2017 mixtapeToo heavy"To The Top" became a prophetic hit and set the stage for Lil Baby's imminent rise in popularity. -Alyson Lewis

To the top

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16: Halo

"Heyy" was one of the singles Lil Baby used to promote his new album.Thats only me. On the track, Baby has a different flow than we're used to, dancing to the beat like his Detroit peers, developing a stream of beats that leaves little time for the audience to relax.

15: Royal Games

Fans knew "Baby" would come in handyThats only meOpening of the album "Real Spill". His first feature film from 2020I spinIt was a cultural event for Atlanta rap and hip hop in general. On the track, he picks up right where he left off and continues his relentless onslaught. He raps, "I've moved away from drug and gun jargon, can't think straight / Strengthen my circle, someone in camp is leaking information."

14: I never needed help

harder than everproduced a string of hits for Lil Baby. The album entered the charts at number 3billboardsIn 2018 he reached the 200th place and was later awarded gold. "Never Needed No Help" is a testament to Lil Baby's drive and ambition, but also signals that he found success before he decided to make music. Before rapping, Lil Baby kept his head on his shoulders and focused on making money to give himself and his family a better life. Rapping turned out to be an impromptu career change that he excelled at. -Alyson Lewis

I never needed help

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13: Danger

A theme that runs through many of Lil Baby's songs is the idea that trauma never goes away, no matter how much you make. Still, Baby keeps pushing, even if she can never quite celebrate where she is. In "Danger," he describes this double-edged sword by rapping, "I had a plug for a decade when I was sixteen / PTSD I don't sleep so I don't dream."

12: Lil Baby & Lil Durk - Hats Off (with Travis Scott)

baby and thirstthe voice of the heroesThe featured Hats Off cut features superstar Travis Scott. At the end of his verse, Baby succinctly sums up his career as one of rap's most exciting voices: "We had TV but no cable." Now I'm richer than any of my neighbors.

11: California breeze

WThats only meWith the standout California Breeze, Lil Baby is a far cry from the ATL designs he grew up with. . However, his determination and one mission take precedence: Baby is also busy excluding people from his life who only want to be around him because of his celebrity status.

10: Dribble too hard (with Gunna)

One of the recurring mantras in Lil Baby's songs is to share the success with his bandstronger dropembodies that spirit. A collaboration with Atlanta rapper Gunna, the 2018 album is packed with more hits. This Turbo-produced track brought out the best of both artists as the two traded a powerful 808 bass. "Drip Too Hard" gave both MCs their highest charting release to date, peaking at #4 on the charts.billboardsHot 100 and a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance 2020 - Alyson Lewis

Lil Baby x Gunna - "Drip Too Hard" (Official Music Video)

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9: Welt

From his 2018 mixtapestreet gossipIn "Global," Lil Baby becomes thoughtful as she deals with her sudden fame. He gushes about helping his old neighborhood, friends behind bars and family, but insists he won't stop because they depend on him. The mood is festive but also a bit somber as Lil Baby admits fame has taken a toll on his sanity. -Alyson Lewis

8: Pure cocaine

Lil Baby is living her best life and Pure Cocaine is the perfect ode to wealth. The rapper has always prided himself on rapping about real life and not watering down his verses with push-ups he can't catch up on. On "Pure Cocaine," the Atlanta rapper brags about not having to finish his lyrics, expresses gratitude for his new life, and attributes his success to hard work. -Alyson Lewis

Lil Baby - Pure Cocaine (Official Music Video)

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7: Emotional anxiety

After releaseI spin"Emotionally Scarred" quickly became a fan favorite. Baby bares her soul on the track, adding emotional weight to the song with a cleverly placed flute melody and a somber guitar line. The first verse ends with a line that quickly became a turning point in Baba's discography. He raps, "I've got nothing against you, we're human, we all have issues / But I'm sick of being tired, tired of being."

6: Wow

Pick a viral dance trend, add heavy 808s and the melodic flow of Lil Baby and you have one of the biggest hits of the year. With the title "Woah", Lil Baby speaks up as a fan and presents her new success: "The new car is loud, it drives by and yells/...Look at me and get nervous, I have that." I have almost perfected it/work hard and decide, that's for sure.” “Say I deserve it, woah,” he raps. With "Woah," the rapper previewed his sophomore album My Turn, proving that Lil Baby's best songs are still available. - Alison Lewis

Lil Baby - Woah (Official Audio)

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5: Same

The pre-album teaser was "In A Minute", which Lil Baby released with great enthusiasm in April 2022Thats only me. The song instantly wowed fans with its blazing ATL Jacobs synths and Traps-inspired drumming. What's more, the chorus quickly became a fan favorite of Baba: "Put my Rolls-Royce over the hood, it looks great straight away/Go to your own salon from now on, get your hair cut whenever you want/Say." to the police, I'm not doing nothing, I sold these songs/No, I don't put no limits on my rap, it's not too much to fool you.

4: Baby (mit DaBaby)

Two kids are better than one in this hitQuality Control: Control the Streets, Volume 2, a full featured collection featuring various QC artists. Lil Baby and DaBaby are no strangers to collaborating, as Baby marks their third collaboration. Their flows complement each other as they rap back and forth, rapping about their trapped past and reveling in recent success while paying homage to Brian De Palma's cinematic ode to abundance.a man with a scarin the music video. -Alyson Lewis

3: Add 2 tests

Out as the third singleI spinSum 2 Prove sees Baby questioning her relationships after gaining fame and fortune. However, he will not take his foot off the gas so easily and will not want to get involved in minor problems. His confidence in his fluidity is most evident here when he raps, "We finally made it, lets break some bottles / I took the lead and then they all followed me / You know I'm running straight to the bank / You." want me." " "Relax, I didn't give them a break/Sorry I told them I couldn't/I had to be one of the greats." -Alyson Lewis

Lil Baby - Sum 2 Prove (Official Video)

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2: overall picture

Lil Baby's "The Bigger Picture" is the artist's most overtly political song yet, inspired by the tragic murder of George Floyd. Baby released the song on June 12, 2020 and discovered that the artist encouraged communities to fight systemic racism and police brutality. Proceeds from The Bigger Picture benefited the National Association of Black Journalists and other organizations committed to similar causes.

1: free style

Lil Baby got better with each release, but it was the hunger and rush of his early mixtapes that made him a contender. from hisToo heavyHigh on our list of Lil Baby's best songs, the mixtape "Freestyle" defined his style early on in his career. Produced by Joseph DaVinci, the single is full of nods, credits and thanks to all the people and places that made Lil Baby possible. -Alyson Lewis

Lil Baby's Official "Freestyle" Music Video

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What is Lil Baby number 1 song? ›

Lil Baby Earns Third No. 1 With 'It's Only Me'; 'Unholy' by Sam Smith and Kim Petras Tops Hot 100; Red Hot Chili Peppers Chart Second Album of 2022.

What is Lil Baby most successful song? ›

The Bigger Picture became the highest charting song of Lil Baby's career, at least in terms of being the lead artist, debuting and peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

Was Jayda in close friends video? ›

Music video

Lil Baby felt Paris represents love and romance, and therefore chose to shoot it there. The video features him and his real-life girlfriend Jayda Cheaves, having a romantic outdoor dinner with the Eiffel Tower in view.

What songs were played in Lil Baby documentary? ›

  • I Remember. Performed by Marlo.
  • "All of a Sudden: Performed by Lil Baby and Moneybagg.
  • My Dawg. Performed by Lil Baby.
  • Freestyle. Performed by Lil Baby.
  • Pure Cocaine. Performed by Lil Baby.
  • Close Friends. Performed by Lil Baby.
  • Drip Too Hard. Performed by Lil Baby and Gunna.
  • Heatin' Up. Performed by Lil Baby and Gunna.

What is Lil Baby's number? ›

- IMDb. Lil Baby Tweets His Cell Phone Number So Fans Can Text Him! Lil Baby posted a number on his Twitter account as a method to directly interact with fans and to keep fans updated with his creative endeavors. “Text me at +1 (678) 496-7757 for exclusive before everybody else!!

How many number 1 songs does YoungBoy have? ›

(WVUE) - YoungBoy Never Broke Again has reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 for the fourth time with his latest release, “Sincerely, Kentrell,” dethroning Drake's “Certified Lover Boy.”

How many Billboard #1 does Lil Baby have? ›

Lil Baby lands his third No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart (dated Oct. 29) as It's Only Me debuts atop the tally. The set earned 216,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in the week ending Oct.

What records did Lil Baby break? ›

Despite less than five years since his Billboard chart debut, Lil Baby has captured a chart record, as My Turn has clocked an 85th week in the top 10 of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. With its latest week in the top 10, it becomes the title with the most weeks inside the top 10 since the chart began in 1965.

Has Lil Baby won a Grammy yet? ›

Lil Baby Awards

Lil Baby has won 1 award - Grammy Award in 2021.

How old is Jayda Cheaves? ›

Who is Jayda Wayda? ›

Jayda Wayda is an entrepreneur, a prominent figure on many social media platforms, and a published author. It is also possible to refer to her as Jayda Chaves. The demands of her professional job led her to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. On September 25th, 1997, Jayda was welcomed into the world in Savannah, Georgia.

Is Jayda with Lil Baby? ›

It's worth noting that Lil Baby has been linked to other women since his split from Jayda, including adult film star Ms. London.

Who signed Lil Baby first? ›

What songs does Lil Baby sing at concerts? ›

Average setlist for year: 2022
  • Wants and Needs. (Drake cover)
  • Baby. (Quality Control cover)
  • Drip Too Hard. (Lil Baby & Gunna cover)
  • On Me.
  • We Paid.
  • All In.
  • Southside.
  • My Dawg.

What songs did Lil Baby sing at Coachella? ›

  • In a Minute. (Live debut)
  • Baby. (Quality Control cover)
  • All In.
  • Drip Too Hard. (Lil Baby & Gunna cover) (with Gunna)
  • pushin P. (Gunna cover) (with Gunna)
  • On Me.
  • We Paid.
  • Wants and Needs. (Drake cover)
Apr 15, 2022

How many #1 hits does Lil Baby have? ›

Lil Baby Albums
It's Only Me#12022
The Voice Of The Heroes (Lil Baby and Lil Durk)#12021
My Turn#12020
Street Gossip#22018
Drip Harder (Lil Baby and Gunna)#42018
1 more row

How many times has Lil Baby gone number 1? ›

Lil Baby lands his third Billboard 200 No. 1, after 2021's The Voice of the Heroes, with Lil Durk, and 2020's My Turn.

Does juice WRLD have a #1 song? ›

Though he did not manage a Hot 100 No. 1 during his lifetime, Juice WRLD did snag multiple leaders across other Billboard charts. That included a two-week reign for “Lucid Dreams” atop the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs tallies (October 2018).


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